Ever wanted to customize your vehicle's horn? Not just any aftermarket brand will do. Consider Wolo products. The brand's been manufacturing top-quality aftermarket horns since 1965, along with emergency and safety warning lights, backup alarms, sirens, speakers, and more. That means electric and air horns, plus handheld horns and industrial electronic and electromechanical horns, the latter from 12-volt to 72-volt. It also offers truck, motorcycle, marine, and specialty horns, even train horns, and lighting options range from light bars to hideaway lights and more. Accessories, too -- compressors and tank systems, for instance.

Why Buy Wolo?

  • The company's second-generation family-owned and -operated, a testament to the quality of its products and how sought-after they are on the aftermarket.
  • You get access to installation guides to make setup easier.
  • You get exceptional customer support via toll-free number and email Monday through Friday.
  • Its products come with 90-day warranty coverage -- peace of mind that, in the unlikely event you run into any defects in either materials or workmanship, you'll be taken care of.
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    Siren Controller Console
    Part Number: 4001
    Description: Product Description ALERT™ three tone siren amplifier, WAILER, YELP, AIR HORN, 12 Volt 50 Watt. The amplifier compact and... More Info