Fixing a wheel's seal or buffing out some curb rash is one thing. Wheel replacement, however, is another. It can really cost you -- sometimes only $200 to $500 or so a wheel (or about $800 to $2,000 for all four), but on average, around $710. Replacing bad bearings or studs on top of that, or swapping out wheel speed sensors -- that'll run up a bill even more.

Of course, that's not as bad as it can get: have the labor done at a dealership, a brand-name body shop, or even a local mechanic, and costs can skyrocket. (Consider, for instance, what's associated with wheel maintenance -- alignment and balancing, tire replacement, balancing and rotation, adding tire accessories, suspension repair, and so on.)

Fortunately, you can save plenty of money when you buy wheels here at We've not only got them cheap -- we also carry some of the best you can get these days: Weld wheels.

Weld Racing, better known simply as Weld, has been manufacturing aftermarket rims and wheels for racing applications since 1967; its commitment to craftsmanship excellence is proven in the industry. Weld rims are made from high-grade forged aluminum, making them both lightweight and ultradurable; they come in sizes from 10 to 26 inches, so you've got options for just about every use; and, perhaps most importantly for sports car and performance SUV aficionados, they're capable of handling blistering speeds up to 330 mph.

The company offers wheels in several sought-after product lines, too -- among them, Truck & Off-Road, Street & Strip, and Racing -- with some of its most popular being Draglite, Magnum, and Delta-1. You can also find wheel accessories galore from the brand -- everything from beadlock rings and bolt kits to center caps, valve stems, and decals.

Trust Your Wheel Replacement Project to Genuine Weld Wheels

Buy them today, and we'll ship them fast, to any US address. If you have any questions about wheel compatibility, feel free to contact us.

(4) Weld Gradient 22x12 -44 Wheels - 6x139.7 Lug Nut Pattern - W11122098475
Part Number: W11122098475
Description: GRADIENT W111 Gloss Black with Milled Accents Wheels by WELD OFF-ROAD®. The Gradient W111 features a split 8-spoke design with spokes... More Info
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