Got a camping trip or another outing planned? You've probably always wanted to be able to transport water for personal use, whether that's to be able to take a shower, wash dishes, rinse equipment, or just cool off. You can, with a WaterPORT aftermarket water tank and the right accessories.

The brand manufactures some of the most popular water transportation solutions out there on the aftermarket today, from the 2-gallon GoSpout water tank to the 3.85-gallon Day Tank and the 8-gallon Weekender. That's not to mention parts and accessories, either: hands-free shower/sink kits and shower awnings, for instance. The Day Tank, for example, is self-pressurizing and can hold enough water for as many as four showers; its optional nozzle holder and trigger lock make hands-free running water available, and an elective multipattern nozzle offers versatility of use. Plus, you can mount it on a hitch, bar, platform, or bed rail using available bed rail or bar mounts.

Why Buy WaterPORT?

  • You'll get access to an extensive knowledgebase to make ownership a pleasure; it includes videos on installation and use, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and more.
  • You'll get 90-day warranty coverage you won't find elsewhere on the water tank aftermarket.
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    WaterPORT Weekender 8 Gallon Kit - WK1000
    Part Number: WK1000
    Description: Description The Weekender 8 gallon water tank comes with mounts for your roof rack and will work with platform or cross bar style... More Info
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    Not For Sale