Driving a Dodge or RAM truck? There's a good chance you haul -- power tools, pallets of building materials, you name it. One of the best cargo accessories you can get for that: a bed cover, also called a tonneau cover.

You don't have to spend a fortune on one, either; just shop with us here at Accessory.parts. Not only can you save a bunch of money. You can also get one of the best bed and tonneau covers around, made by Retrax. The brand's been manufacturing aftermarket retractable ones since 1996, and they're American-made -- craftsmanship you can rely on.

Why Buy a Truck Bed or Tonneau Cover?

  • It'll act as a theft-deterrent, helping to conceal the truck box's contents.
  • It'll help contain what you're transporting better, making organizing things a lot easier.
  • It'll help protect the bed from the dings, scratches, and dents of cargo shifting, plus the effects of bad weather.
  • It can help improve gas mileage slightly, especially paired with a cab spoiler or bed spoiler (as some tonneau covers and most spoilers are aerodynamic).
  • It'll add a unique touch of style to your ride.

Why Buy Retrax?

It's a step up from your everyday retractable bed or tonneau cover. Check out the brand's Aluminum, Premium Aluminum, and Composite series product lines, and you'll see how and why.

Aluminum Line Highlights

  • Models include IX
  • Durable aluminum and elastomer construction helps prevent water and debris seepage into the truck bed
  • UV-resistant matte finish powder coat for resiliency
  • Designed to roll into a custom spiral canister at the front of the bed for protection when not in use
  • Sealed roller bearings run practically frictionless, without binding; minimal springs and moving parts to help prevent failure
  • Adjustable latch stops for three-position securing
  • Installs easily in as little as 30 minutes
  • Sleek "No-Profile" appearance

Premium Aluminum Line Highlights

  • Models include RetraxPRO MX, PowertraxPRO MX, and PowertraxPRO XR
  • Premium industrial-strength aluminum construction
  • Patented low-profile design for an attractive look
  • Matte finish, integrated Trax Rail System, and electric operation available, depending on model

Composite Line Highlights

  • Models include RetraxONE MX, RetraxONE XR, PowertraxONE MX, and PowertraxONE XR
  • Manufactured from an ultrahigh-durability, one-piece polycarbonate sheet
  • Designed to retract without joints, hinges, or other moving parts to help prevent dust buildup, freeze-up, and wear
  • Impact- and scratch-resistant matte finish, integrated Trax Rail System, and electric operation available, depending on model

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