Now and then, you have to change a wheel or tire on your car. What's more, flushing engine oil and filling it back up again often requires getting into the underbody, to say nothing of, say, replacing exhaust parts. For that, you'll need the right jack -- and not just any jack, but one of the best you can get for any project: a Hi-Lift jack.

You're in luck. Here at, we've got them at sale prices.

The Hi-Lift Jack Company, more commonly known as Hi-Lift, has been manufacturing aftermarket automotive tools and equipment for more than a century. Today, however, they're known primarily for an ultra-rugged and highly versatile car jack -- the Hi-Lift Jack, for short.

Hi-Lift Jack Features

  • Designed for lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping applications; adjustable top clamp/clevis included for winching and clamping
  • Rated for 4,660 pounds and tested for 7,000 pounds; safety bolt designed to shear at 7,000 pounds
  • Lightweight design weighs only around 30 pounds
  • Steel climbing pins with 125,000 psi tensile strength and 100,000 psi yield
  • Extra high-carbon-steel bar has 80,000 pounds minimum tensile strength & carbon .69 to .82; can be reversed for longevity
  • 14-gauge, high-yield structural tubular steel handle with 55,000 PSI minimum yield; measures 1-5/16 inches in diameter x 30 inches long
  • 4-1/2-inch-long lifting nose for positive load contact
  • Lifting unit automatically drops away upon load removal
  • Low 4-1/2-inch pickup
  • 28-square-inch base plate

Hi-Lift jacks are available in several lines.

Hi-Lift Jack Product Line Highlights

  • Cast-Steel: features premium cast and stamped steel parts and includes a winch-connector clamp. Available in 36", 42" , 48", and 60" sizes.
  • All-Cast: designed for exceptional strength and long life. Available in 42" , 48", and 60" sizes.
  • X-Treme: features zinc-coated gold hardware and handle, plus a top winch-clamp spreader attachment. Available in 48" and 60" sizes.
  • Patriot: features a red Handle-Keeper. Available in 48" and 60" sizes.
  • UTV (SxS): designed for UTVs, with full-size jack capabilities. Available in 36" and 42" sizes.
  • Equipment Jack: made to be permanently welded to implements and a variety of other equipment thanks to a special attachment hub. Available in 36" size.
  • First Responder: designed for everything from extrication, heavy rescue, and forcible entry to RIT/RIC procedures, stabilization, and shoring. Available in 36", 48", and 60" sizes.
  • P.J. Harrah Signature Edition: a combination of design and features reflecting the original Automatic Combination Tool and Handyman Jack invented by Hi-Lift Jack Company P.J. Harrah in 1905. Available in 48" and 60" sizes.

Of course, Hi-Lift produces plenty of other off-road/recovery accessories, vehicle mounts, covers and storage accessories, replacement parts, and conversion kits. A distinctive product: The Slide-N-Lock Tie Down System, a load restraint designed for everything from trucks and trailers to Jeep and other SUVs. Best of all, it's all available online.

Make Roadside Maintenance Easier with Genuine Hi-Lift Jacks and Accessories

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Hi-Lift Xtreme Jack
Part Number: XT-485
Description: Product Description The Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting,... More Info