Replacing an exhaust is pricey -- to say nothing of replacing an air intake. The average cost of exhaust replacement can run anywhere from $300 to around $2000 or so, depending on repairs and labor costs. Parts costs vary widely, though: catalytic converters, for example, can average $1,700 or more, while a muffler can average $800 and a resonator can average anywhere from $30 to $500, depending on model. Exhaust manifolds can average $850 or more; tail pipes can average $750 plus; even intake manifolds and gaskets can average $200 to $1,100 and $550 to $600, respectively.

Performance exhausts and air intake systems, however, are even pricier.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about paying a premium when you buy them from Not only can you save loads of money on both. We also carry some of the best around: those from Flowmaster.

Flowmaster has been manufacturing aftermarket performance exhaust systems and air intakes since 1983 -- everything from catalytic converters, race mufflers, and headers to open-element induction systems and more. The brand's commitment to craftsmanship excellence has enabled it to branch out into producing some seriously sought-after exhaust accessories for late-model cars and trucks, too -- everything from classic muscle cars and powersports vehicles to Jeep SUVs and more.

Its product lines are many. They include:

  • Exhaust systems in five different sound categories, tailored to mild, moderate or aggressive notes
  • Chambered mufflers, including street-chambered mufflers
  • Laminar-flow mufflers
  • FlowFX Series straight-through performance mufflers
  • The XDR Off Road line, with everything from exhausts, passenger grab handles, and air intakes to air filters, shifters, and tons of accessories
  • The Delta Boost performance tuner line, with four different settings for adjusting your engine's turbo boost
  • Exhaust manifolds and tips
  • X-, Y, and H-pipes
  • Builder components
  • Turbo boost modules
  • Performance air filters

Upgrade Your Ride with Flowmaster Performance Exhaust and Air Intake Parts

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Flowmaster Super 40 10" W X 5" H Single 3" Offset Inlet; Dual 2-1/2" Outlet
Part Number: 9530462
Description: Product Description The super 40 muffler was developed from our top ten race muffler lineup for use on the street and strip. Utilizing... More Info
Part Number: 817936
Description: Product Description This Flowmaster (R) Outlaw (R) Cat-Back Exhaust System Is For 2019 To 2020 (*New Body) RAM 1500 Trucks Is Perfect... More Info
Flowmaster FlowFX Direct Fit Dual Mode Muffler w/ Active Valve
Part Number: 717915
Description: Product Description This direct-fit replacement muffler has split personalities with a nice performance tone over the stock exhaust... More Info
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