Replacing an exhaust and air intake can add up fast. The average cost of the former can run anywhere from $300 to $500 to start, to up to $2000 or so, depending on scope of repairs and on labor costs. Parts costs vary widely, too. For instance, a catalytic converter can average $1,700 or more, while a muffler can run you around $800 and a resonator can average anywhere from $30 to a whopping $500, depending on model. Exhaust manifolds can start around $850 or more; tail pipes can cost $750 plus; even intake manifolds and gaskets can set you back $200 to $1,100 and $550 to $600 on average, respectively.

Things get worse with performance exhaust and air intake systems.

Fortunately, that's not something you have to worry about when you buy from Not only can you save plenty of money on both. We also carry some of the best for sale these days: those from CORSA Performance.

CORSA has been manufacturing aftermarket performance exhaust systems since 1998. In fact, the brand is well-known for tech that cuts exhaust drone, delivering the quintessential aggressive exhaust note that all but screams "sports car". It started producing performance air intakes in 2012, and it's now sought after for some of the freest-flowing direct-path induction systems around as well. CORSA aftermarket exhausts and air intakes are designed specifically for:

CORSA also offers a highly popular Pro Series custom product line, plus universal tip kits, heat shields, clamps, and a whole host of accessories. Best of all, most of the brand's products carry a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Upgrade Your Sports Car or Performance SUV with a CORSA Performance Exhaust and Air Intake

Buy now, and we'll ship to any US address, fast. If you have any compatibility or other questions, feel free to contact our parts team.

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