You know your shocks (shock absorbers) for what they are for your vehicle: critical parts of its suspension system. Mounting vertically behind the tires, they contain the hydraulics that help minimize the suspension's spring movement. Put simply, they help stabilize it, maintaining wheel alignment, reducing body roll, keeping the tires on the road, and ensuring consistent braking and overall handling in turn. This keeps the vehicle well-controlled while you drive, and thus, keeps the ride as enjoyable as possible.

If you're looking to upgrade your shocks, consider some of the best you can get on the aftermarket: Bilstein. The brand's been producing aftermarket shocks that excel the rest for decades, and today, they're top-of-the-line in the industry.

Why Buy Bilstein Shocks?

  • They're monotube, versus twin-tube, meaning that their inner shock has been removed. This provides a larger tube, which translates to more shock fluid, and that means heat can dissipate a lot easier. So, pumping transitions are smoother, meaning ride quality's much more controlled than what the average shock can provide.
  • They're pressurized, ideal for whatever terrain you're driving across, and therefore, ideal for just about any application.
  • They're backed by a limited lifetime warranty -- the kind of coverage you're unlikely to find shopping for shocks elsewhere on the aftermarket.
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    BILSTEIN 6112 0.6-2.6″ FRONT LIFT COILOVERS FOR 2019-2022 RAM 1500 4WD
    Part Number: 47-293540
    Description: Bilstein B8 6112 leveling kits are designed to provide more ground clearance, allow for larger tires, and increase wheel travel.... More Info
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    Bilstein 5100
    Part Number: 24-187367
    Description: Product Description BILSTEIN 5100 Series Ride Height Adjustable Shock Absorbers are designed for front coilover style pickup and SUV... More Info
    Bilstein 5100 Series 19+ Ram 1500 DT
    Part Number: 24-233354
    Description: Product Description Bilstein B8 5100 shock absorbers are designed as a direct fit solution for lifted trucks and SUV’s. These shock... More Info