There are plenty of reasons to equip a RAM or Jeep truck with an aftermarket cargo accessory like a tonneau cover. For instance:

  • One can help deter theft by concealing the contents of the truck bed
  • It'll better contain what's being transported, making organizing things a lot easier
  • It'll help protect the box from damage and bad weather
  • It can help improve gas mileage slightly by improving aerodynamics, especially paired with a cab or bed spoiler (as many are designed to do just that)
  • It'll add a unique touch of style to your ride
  • There's usually a tradeoff involved between hard and soft tonneau covers, though. The former is exceptionally durable and secure, but can decrease bed utility. The latter is more flexible and easier to use, but doesn't offer much box protection. BAK Industries tonneau covers, however, don't compromise. They combine the benefits of both kinds, especially in the case of the BAKFlip product series.

    You can buy one here at for less. We offer tonneau covers from other BAK product lines, too, such as the Revolver rolling series and the Rack Integrated BAKFlip Contractor Series.

    BAKFlip Series Highlights

    The BAKFlip VP, for instance, is lightweight and water-resistant, while the BAKFlip F1 premier is designed to stand up to some of the harshest conditions you can imagine. The BAKFlip G2, on the other hand, is exceptionally durable for use in the Sunbelt, while the BAKFlip Fibermax is rugged enough to withstand hail.

    They all come in a variety of finishes to complement your ride, too, depending on which you order -- options include matte black smooth, leather grain smooth, semi-gloss powder-coat wrinkle, and high-gloss fiberglass hair cell. Plus, some have aluminum frames, while others have aluminum skins, many are scratch-, scuff-, dent-, and ding-resistant, and a lot feature UV protection. Best of all, though, most install in minutes, with easy-to-use clamps for mounting the rails to the truck bed, with no drilling needed.

    Why Buy BAK?

  • You'll get access to an extensive knowledgebase, which includes care and maintenance advice for tonneau covers
  • You'll get expert customer support for installation and other questions, straight from factory technicians.
  • The brand offers lifetime warranty coverage on many products with registration.
  • You won't find such a combo of features from other aftermarket tonneau cover brands.

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