If you know automotive lights, then you know that they come in three types -- either halogen, Xenon/high-intensity discharge (HID), or LED -- and that you have to change them regularly. Halogen bulbs get replaced every two years, Xenon/HID bulbs get replaced every few years, and LED bulbs get replaced if their electronics go bad (or the bulbs themselves burn out). Upgrading the lighting on a car or truck is another story: it's here that things get pricier, especially in the case of lights designed for performance. Top-quality performance lighting, though? That's sure to run up the bill for a custom project.

Shop online at Accessory.parts, though, and you don't have to pay a premium. You can save plenty of money going aftermarket and get some of the best car lighting around. Choose AlphaRex.

AlphaRex has been manufacturing performance headlights and taillights for Dodge and RAM trucks, plus many other brands and models, for more than two decades. Its centerpieces: the NOVA, LUXX, and PRO Series product lines.

NOVA Series Highlights

  • Full LED lights with a quad projector design
  • Ice Cube 3D projector with an Osram Oslon Black Flat LED chip not only provides a stunning 3D look but also optimizes output, both in illumination and projection
  • 6000K light output

LUXX Series Highlights

  • LED lights with a dual projector design
  • AlphaRex LED chip
  • 6000K light output

PRO Series Highlights

  • H7 halogen lights with a dual projector design
  • 4300K light output

The brand also offers lighting accessories galore -- everything from plugs to converters.

Why Buy AlphaRex Performance Lighting?

  • It incorporates unique Nitto Denko TEMISH CAPSEAL air vents for quick pressure and moisture discharge in the lamp itself. You won't find technologies quite like it elsewhere on the aftermarket.
  • Its polycarbonate lenses feature interior surfaces treated with a water-sheeting anti-fog coating. The coating drastically cuts down on streaking and even resists heat.
  • Its DRL lenses offer distinctive smoked coatings that can give a truck a sporty yet luxurious blacked-out aesthetic. The lights even remain ultra-bright.
  • They're supported with a vast knowledgebase for the do-it-yourselfer, with plenty of installation guides.
  • They comply with SAE and DOT requirements, meaning its quality is proven and it's in line with US road and highway transportation laws.
  • They carry two-year warranties from date of purchase with proper registration for peace of mind.
  • AlphaRex quality management systems are certified to ISO-9000, ISO-9001 and ISO-9002 standards, meaning its products are held to high quality requirements.

Choose Genuine AlphaRex Lights and Accessories for Your Next Truck Lighting Upgrade

Buy online now, and we'll ship anywhere in the US, fast. Have questions? Contact us anytime!

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