Want to raise or lower your vehicle's chassis from its axle to get that head-turning lifted or lowered look? Consider installing an aftermarket air suspension. Don't choose just any brand, though. Go with one of the best around: a kit from Air Lift Performance. We offer them for less here at Accessory.parts. The parts for them, too.

Air Lift has been manufacturing aftermarket air suspension kits and accessories since 1949, and its commitment to craftsmanship excellence shows in its Slam Series and Performance Series product lines.

Air Suspension at a Glance

  • What Air Lift produces is the ideal replacement for an OE air suspension. Each kit is custom-made for a particular chassis, with every upper and lower mount designed to fit a vehicle exactly. Better yet, a kit always includes tabs and brackets for things like brake lines and ABS wiring, just like from an OEM.
  • Air Lift air suspensions offer adjustable psi from 0 to 125, up to 5 inches of drop, and up to 3 inches of threaded adjustability. That means you can set the strut/shock to the length you want for additional lift/better ground clearance or the preferred slammed position, and without giving up stroke.
  • Select Air Lift suspension kits have monotube shocks that are more sensitive, weigh less than twin-tube shocks, and generally run cooler. Their precision-ground, chrome-plated piston rods and all-weather fluid offers long life and reduces friction, and their floating divider pistons keep high-pressure nitrogen gas charges from contacting shock oil to prevent cavitation and maintain performance.
  • Some Air Lift kits provide 30 levels of damping adjustment with select models including adjustment extenders for vehicles with shocks/struts that are harder to reach.
  • High-performance monoball upper mounts for optimal tire contact.
  • Adjustable camber plates let you set stance and choose the right geometry, so your chassis can perform as well as possible.
  • Up to 3 inches negative camber adjustment on select kits.
  • Height adjustment wrench, roll plates, sway bar end links, stainless steel leader lines, and custom control arms included in some kits depending on application.
  • Most kits don't require any mods.
  • Slam Series Specifications

  • Non-threaded twin-tube shocks/struts
  • No- or 9-level damping adjustment
  • Rubber upper mount
  • No camber/castor adjustment
  • Sleeve or bellow air spring style
  • Powder coated black finish with anodized red accents
  • Installation hardware included
  • Performance Series Specifications

  • Threaded monotube shocks/struts
  • 30-level damping adjustment
  • Upper mount: spherical bearing on all struts and some shocks
  • Camber plates on most struts; castor adjustment on some struts
  • Sleeve or bellow air spring style
  • Black chrome damper body finish; black anodized or powder-coated finish on mounts; bright red anodized accents
  • Installation hardware included
  • Why Buy Air Lift Suspension Parts and Kits?

  • A database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and installation guides to make your ownership experience a pleasure
  • Exceptional customer support when you need it
  • 1-year limited warranty coverage for peace of mind
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